Jelly Splash Level 136 Level 121-140

Jelly Splash Level 136 Tips & Hints

Jelly Splash Level 136 is a very difficult Level to complete and getting 3 Stars is a difficult task.

Jelly Splash Level 136 Guide / Tips

Welcome to yet another very difficult Diamonds Level. Although much of this Level depends on luck, there are a few things you can do to make the most of it when you are lucky with the Diamond drops.

The most important location on this map is the Black Mushroom highlighted in red in image 1. The quicker you can clear that Black Mushroom, the higher your chances are of completing this Level.

Because that Black Mushroom can only be weakened from the top (not counting Super Jellys), the last thing you want is to place a Diamond right on top of it. If the Diamond is located on top of a “double” Black Mushroom (see image 2), you can forget about completing the Level. This is pretty much the worst case scenario for you. Whatever you do, it shouldn’t be this.

There is a slightly better scenario where the Diamond is above a regular Black Mushroom (see image 3). In this case you only need one Super Jelly to clear the Black Mushroom and bring the Diamond to the bottom. In the video below you’ll see I ended up in this scenario and it worked out for me, though I was extremely lucky to have a vertical Super Jelly ready.

To increase your chances even further, try to clear the Black Mushrooms highlighted in blue in image one. You don’t want those Black Mushrooms to be there when a Diamond appears in the column.

Different Scenario For Level 136

In the first scenario the original Diamond is brought to the bottom through the middle. In this scenario we take a different approach and move the original Diamond either to the left or right.

You can force the Diamond to move to the left or right by splashing Jellys in the area highlighted in red in image 1 below. If you want to follow this scenario, don’t splash the Jellys marked with the white X. If you aren’t lucky with the Jellys at the start of the Level, you could bring the Diamond down a little and force it to go left or right later. See image 2 below for an example.

After this you will need a Super Jelly to clear the Black Mushroom and bring the Diamond to the bottom.

The goal of Level 136 is to bring 3 Diamonds to the bottom within 13 moves. Fail to do so and you’ll have to start over and spend a life. Watch the video below and get an idea of what you’re supposed to do on Jelly Splash Level 136 .

  • Goal: Bring 3 Diamonds to the bottom within 13 moves
  • 15.000 points = 1 Star ★
  • 30.000 points = 2 Stars ★★
  • 50.000 points = 3 Stars ★★★

Jelly Splash Level 136 Walkthrough Video