Jelly Splash Level 77 Level 61-80

Jelly Splash Level 77 Tips & Hints

Jelly Splash Level 77 is a moderately difficult to difficult Level.

Jelly Splash Level 77 Guide / Tips

Whether you complete or fail at this Level depends on the few Jellys you start with.

If you’re lucky and get a few lines of the same color Jelly to clear the Black Mushroom at the top of the map, the rest of the Level will go smoothly. However, if you’re unlucky and don’t manage to clear the top Black Mushroom early on, the Slime Ghosts will take over and you’ll waste your moves connecting three Jellys just to clear the Slime Ghosts.

Once you’re past the top Black Mushroom, you should focus on keeping the Slime Ghosts in check and don’t let them go rampant. As long as you do that, the rest of the Level shouldn’t be too difficult.

The goal of Level 77 is to clear the Gray Slime within 25 moves. Fail to do so and you’ll have to start over and spend a life. Watch the video below and get an idea of what you’re supposed to do on Jelly Splash Level 77.

  • Goal: Clear the Gray Slime within 25 moves
  • 15.000 points = 1 Star ★
  • 35.000 points = 2 Stars ★★
  • 50.000 points = 3 Stars ★★★

Jelly Splash Level 77  Walkthrough Video