Jelly Splash Level 80 Level 61-80

Jelly Splash Level 80 Tips & Hints

Jelly Splash Level 80 is moderately difficult to complete and getting 3 Stars is a difficult task.

Jelly Splash Level 80 Tips / Guide

This Level doesn’t pose a lot of threats but the Slime Ghosts in the first column can be a real pain if you’re unable to keep them in check. Ideally you’d clear them all with a Super Jelly (like I did in the video below), but if you don’t get the opportunity to do that, do your best to clear as many Slime Ghosts as you can.

What you should focus on is connecting both Captured Jellys with the same Jelly line. When you connect only one of them you’re practically wasting the purple Jellys. Of course there are moments when connecting both Captured Jellys isn’t possible, when that’s the case, just connect the Captured Jelly with the higher number on it. Your aim is to free both the Captured Jellys at the same time.

Remember, the number required to free the Captured Jelly decreases with every Jelly of the same color you connect with it. The second way to decrease the number on the Captured Jelly is by connecting it with a Super Jelly. When connected with a Super Jelly, the number required to set free the Captured Jelly decreases by five.

The goal of Level 80 is to free the 2 Captured Jellys within 20 moves. Fail to do so and you’ll have to start over and spend a life. Watch the video below and get an idea of what you’re supposed to do on Jelly Splash Level 80.

  • Goal: Set free the 2 Captured Jellys within 20 moves
  • 35.000 points = 1 Star ★
  • 65.000 points = 2 Stars ★★
  • 75.000 points = 3 Stars ★★★

Jelly Splash Level 80  Walkthrough Video