Jelly Splash Level 84 Level 81-100

Jelly Splash Level 84 Tips & Hints

Jelly Splash Level 84 is a moderately difficult Level. Getting 3 Stars is rather difficult.

Jelly Splash Level 84 Guide / Tips

The Jellys you start the Level with will determine whether you fail at completing this Level or get 3 Stars. There are three Black Mushrooms that play a big role during this Level and you should focus on clearing them as soon as possible. Clearing the Black Mushrooms highlighted in red in the image will open up the entire map for Jellys giving you plenty of them to create long lines with. Once those Black Mushrooms are cleared, it’s only a matter of how long the Jellys lines you create will be. With such an open map, connecting three or four Super Jellys will clear the entire map giving you a large chunk of points.

Jelly Splash Level 84 Tip

Jelly Splash Level 84 Tip

The goal of Level 84 is to reach 65.000 points within 16 moves. Fail to do so and you’ll have to start over and spend a life. Watch the video below and get an idea of what you’re supposed to do on Jelly Splash Level 84.

  • Goal: Reach 65.000 points within 16 moves
  • 65.000 points = 1 Star ★
  • 75.000 points = 2 Stars ★★
  • 85.000 points = 3 Stars ★★★

Jelly Splash Level 84  Walkthrough Video